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    Sunanda Paul

  • Speciality:

    Dance & Classical Indian Music

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    +44 161 2226020

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About Sunanda Paul

Born in India, living in Manchester, UK. 


She started very soon to study Ayurveda, Yoga and Spirituality and she became Master of Dance and Classical Indian Music. She is a teacher of Yoga and Classical Indian Music. She gave many classes in Italy, at the Scuola Olistica Ananda Ashram. She takes part to musical events as a singer and Harmonium player. She is also an Ayurvedic Operator, under the guidance of Dr. Vaidya Swami Nath Mishra. She practices regularly Meditation. She completed her Yoga studies with Dada Rainjitananda E-RYT 500, Shubhaji Satyaranjan and Rino Siniscalchi in Italy. Fond of Kitchen and Food, she tries to experience efficacy and healing and balancing power of Diet, according to Ayurveda teachings. She always loves to share her knowledge with those who aim to meet the Ayurvedic World, tasting typical Indian spices.

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