Spiritual Lifestyle Training

Human life is a divine gift non of us has paid anything to anyone for this. yoga and meditation in manchester We have responsibility to learn the value and utility of life.

Group yoga classes, kiirtan (chanting) and meditation. We will enjoy nature walks, delicious vegetarian food, music, games and inspiring stories. There will also be opportunities for individual instruction and learning your personal meditation technique.
The training include:

  • Deepening the meditation practice – how to sit, when to sit, what to think about, how to make it enjoyable,
  • Yoga health secrets – yoga postures, food, vegetarian cooking, fasting and more,
  • Yoga cosmology – what is consciousness, mind, matter and spiritual evolution,
  • Chakra theory – how the vital energy of the body can be brought into harmony. How to cultivate serenity, concentration and creativity,
  • History of yoga & tantra – how is it related to Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism,
  • The guru tradition – the role of the mentor on the spiritual path,
  • Dharma and religion – examining the natural expressions of human spiritual yearning, and learning to distinguish between dogma and spirituality,
  • A spiritual approach to social and economic justice.