Spiritual Energetic Massage

S V Govindan (1924-2007) developed spiritual energy massage in manchester taking inspiration from reflexology-rediscovered by dr. W. Fitzgerald from US in the last century - and the acupressure techniques described in ancient traditions as Chinese me

Spiritual Energy Massage
Spiritual Energy Massage is a treatment conceived by Sri S.V. Govindan (1924-2007), renown master of ayurvedic massage. Since 1986 he travelled extensively in Europe and US sharing his knowledge and experience in ayurvedic massage, Ayurveda and Yoga. Govindan developed spiritual energy massage taking inspiration from reflexology - rediscovered by dr. W. Fitzgerald from US in the last century - and the acupressure techniques described in ancient traditions as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. The spiritual energy massage consist in stimulating on the feet the reflex points connected with the endocrine glands corresponding to the seven chakras, the most important vital points of the body known in Ayurveda as marma (sensible points) or prana kendra (centers of vital energy). The stimulation of the reflex points made with circular movements of the thumbs, accompanied by the play of specific sounds called mantras whose sound vibration resembles the frequency of the energy circulating in the chakras, has the overall effect of harmonizing the subtle energy centers of the body. 

The combination of physical and sound stimulation has a subtle and penetrating influence up to the innermost recesses of the psyche and the spirit of the person who receives it. The whole sequence lasts about 30 minutes during which you enter gradually into a state of deep relaxation called yoga nidra, a conscious mental state on the border between sleep and meditation. 

Subtle energy channels, called nadis in Ayurveda, link the reflex points of the foot to the endocrine glands and chakras related to them. This connection is the basis of the mechanism that makes it possible, with the stimulation of specific points on the sole, the harmonization of major bodily systems: excretory, urogenital, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous; the harmonization of the functions of the brain that govern all activities of the body, of the sense organs and the mind.  If the bodily systems are in balance, they affect positively the mind by increasing the quality of clarity and reducing the tendency to attachment and aversion that disturb the natural ability to distinguish between what is beneficial or harmful to life. Body systems in balance, purity of the operation of the moving components, of the sense organs and the mind are the requirements to reflect the splendor of the soul freed from the veils that normally cover it, this is the meaning of the word that Ayurveda uses for health: Swastha ''established in the Self ''. Combining knowledge from modern and ancient traditions, Govindan has given us the gift of this treatment that helps to achieve a level of psycho-physical energy sustaining the experience of realization, the aspiration of every living being, this is why is called Spiritual Energy Massage. 

The program of the course is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. 
Theoretical part: What are Chakras? Their shape, their color, their sound. The relationships they have with the body, the emotions, the inner attitude towards life. 
Practical part: demonstration of Spiritual Energy Massage. 
Practice, completion and exchange of Spiritual Energy Massage. 
Sharing of the work done together and personal experiences.